The realtor is chosen and the rest of the selling team is in place. But before that For Sale sign can go in the front yard and the interior photos are posted online, a little work needs to be done. Sellers are excited to get things moving, but Pure Equity Group knows that sellers who take the time to do a few basic chores well – decluttering, depersonalizing, repainting, repairing, and cleaning – have the best chance of selling their home quickly.

Our experience at Pure Equity Group shows that how long the process takes depends on the house, the seller’s motivation and schedule as well as the market. Some sellers need just two weeks while others may take upwards of a year. It all depends on:

       The house (does it just need a touch-up or major repairs?)

       What the selling team advises (does the furniture need to be rearranged or is a room remodel in order?)

       The seller’s motivation and schedule (do you need to sell quickly or is there time to do the work yourself?)

       The market (how quickly do houses in this price range move?)

       Availability for the various vendors needed (photographer, stager, etc.)

Here’s Pure Equity Group’s general timeframe:

       Agent walk-through – One hour. If a Home Stager comes along at some point, add another 30 minutes. Listen carefully and take notes. Remember, these people are on your team and know the market best.

       Decluttering and Depersonalizing – One to four weeks. Potential buyers need to be able to imagine living in the house and decluttering, literally, gives them the space to do that.

       Cleaning – Two to four days. A good cleaning, top to bottom, inside and out, makes a home shine in a buyer’s eyes. If a professional service is hired, this may take less time.

       Repainting – Two to four days. A new coat of paint makes a world of difference. Again, hiring professionals may shave off some time.

       Repairing – Two weeks to one year. If major repairs, such as a roof or floor need to be replaced, are needed it will require time. If only minor fixes are needed, like updating light fixtures or tightening this and that, less time is needed.

       Landscaping – Two days to one week. Trim, replant, and mulch. A yard is the setting for a house, and is a seller’s chance to make a good first impression on potential buyers.  

Questions? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Pure Equity Group. We’re happy to help!