The Secret to Selling a House Faster

The Secret to Selling a House Faster In the Columbus, Ohio Area

3D Listing

The checklist of things to do to get a home ready to sell is long. Homeowners preparing to put their homes on the market want to know the secret to selling a house faster in the Columbus, Ohio area and how to get serious buyers in the door. There is also the question of how long their home will be on the market. Then there is the worry about last minute appointments, what to do with their pets during a showing, and keeping things tidy just in case.

Sell Your Home Quickly by Showing It At Its Best

Virtual tours or 3D Listings are a modern tool that Pure Equity Group puts to work for sellers that removes some of the stress of selling a house and can help sell a house faster. Using a series of photos, we create an interactive picture and map of a home that gives potential buyers the chance to view it ahead of time. Our 3D Listings allow a home to be “walked through” looking its absolute best – perfect lighting, completely tidy – by multiple viewers at any time of day or night.

A Virtual Walk Through for a Faster Sale

Potential buyers have two views of a home offered through Pure Equity Group: Doll House and Floor Plan. Doll House affords a bird’s eye view of the interior of a home, while Floor Plan allows visitors to explore at will and get a feeling for the layout at ground level. Potential buyers can stroll through a number of homes from the comfort of their sofa, desk, or smart device, and then choose to visit in real time those they like best.

According to a Pew Research Group study, people doing online research increasingly rely on videos and virtual tours. Those in search of a new home, whether coming from across town or across the country, are no different and, according to the study, rank among some of the highest. At Pure Equity Group, the 3D Listing option gives a home a competitive advantage and boosts the number of viewings so that it sells faster and to the right buyer. Take a stroll through a few of my current listings and then let me know what you think!

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Taylor Kolon’s years of experience helping people sell or find the right home taught him that his work is about more just land and buildings. It’s about hopes, dreams, and a secure future. It’s about helping individuals and families turn a challenging situation into an opportunity, and to that end Taylor listens carefully to his clients as he guides them to their goal.

A jump from corporate sales in the Ohio metals industry to real estate was only natural for this outgoing guy. As a result, Taylor brings a sharp eye for detail and well-honed negotiation skills to work for every client every time. Taylor earned his degree from Central Michigan University where he also played on the men’s volleyball team. The fast pace and the teamwork as well as the physical and mental challenge he found on the court are some of what he loves best about his work. He also understands the value of continued training and education to keep his game in top shape. Every time he hands over the keys to an ecstatic new homeowner feels like a win.

Taylor believes in the importance of community and making sure he’s giving back what he can to Columbus through various volunteer activities and membership in the Clintonville Chamber of Commerce. However, there is no denying, that his favorite way to spend his free time is with his wife, Mandy, and their daughter, Elena.

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