How long does it take?

How Long Does it Take to Sell a House?

how long to sell a house

Real estate, like everything else in the universe, is governed by the theory of relativity. The speed at which a home sells is always in relation to a variety of other factors, some of which are in a seller’s control (prepping and staging your home for sale, hiring a realtor and assembling the right team) and some that are not (location, market, and season). While each situation is unique, at Pure Equity Group, we believe that the following four steps can help sellers be as prepared and informed as possible.

Find the right realtor. A good realtor can tell sellers the median time usually required to sell for a particular area. They can also offer invaluable advice on staging and prepping your home inside and out. The more effort a seller puts into getting their home into tip-top shape for selling can trim days off the amount of time that For Sale sign stays out front.

Price appropriately. Knowing what price the local market will bear is key to moving a home in a timely manner while still getting a good return on investment. Research prices for comparable homes in the area and talk to a realtor. Their knowledge of the local market will be crucial during this stage. It also pays to get a professional appraisal of your home before putting it on the market to get a good idea of its value. If a home doesn’t move after an extended period of time (six weeks to six months, depending on the local market) it may be time to consider a price adjustment.

Assess the location. This plays a pivotal role in the selling process as it defines and subsequently determines the market. A popular neighborhood with great schools can add up to a seller’s market where homes move quickly. A less popular area with lots of other properties for sale can mean a buyer’s market where homes sell at a slower pace. Local economic conditions also play a role. Although things across the nation are improving, they still vary from place to place.

Consider the season. People ideally want to move before the holidays and between school years. This, though, doesn’t mean that putting a home on the market in fall or winter is a mistake. There are buyers who need or want to find a home during these times, but be aware that they may also be on the hunt for a motivated seller willing to bargain.

The amount of time a home spends on the market is affected by a number of factors, not all of which are under a seller’s control. The most important thing to keep in mind through this whole process, though, is to keep calm and be informed.

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