Get Ready for Your 3D Listing

Four Easy Ways to Get a House Ready to Show in a 3D Listing

The challenge every seller faces in Worthington, Ohio and the greater Columbus area is getting their house ready to show while living in it. The place where children play, the family relaxes, and the dining room table where projects happen become part of a model home.

Advanced 3D Listing technology makes it possible to sell a home quickly while going about your daily life. A 3D listing allows potential buyers to view your home in the most efficient way possible and in a fraction of the time of a regular showing. The Ohio Association of Realtors found that nine out of ten buyers search the Internet for their next home. A 3D Listing allows me to market your home at its best on social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. I can guarantee hundreds of potential buyers will view your home within the first week.

Here are four steps for getting a house ready to show with a 3D Listing:


Packing away all but the most essential of items does a number of things for a 3D listing. Removing small items and clearing off surfaces gives the impression of openness. Clean off the refrigerator and remove knickknacks. Put away or pack up items scattered on shelves or the kitchen counter. It also depersonalizes a home so potential buyers can imagine themselves living there and how their own things might fit.

Paint, repair and replace.

Once furniture and personal items have been pared down and space cleared, it’s time to turn a critical eye on walls and fixtures. A fresh coat of paint (neutral tones only) works wonders, as does a thorough floor cleaning. Don’t rule out new carpet or refinishing a wood floor. Replace light bulbs, cracked fixtures, fix drips, and make minor repairs. Taking care of these small details makes a big difference.

Deep clean.

Now that all the basic repairs are out of the way and a fresh coat of paint is on the walls, it’s time to go for a deep cleaning. Whether you’ve lived in your home only a handful of years or more than thirty, it will benefit from a good scouring. Consider hiring a cleaning service to give the house a thorough going over before filming for maximum effect.

Wash windows.

Advanced 3D Listing technology lets me show your home in the greatest detail possible and natural light makes the most of this opportunity to show your home at its best to qualified buyers. Clean windows let in more light, which lends a cheerful atmosphere to a home and shows off those sparkling clean walls and floors.

My 3D Listings save sellers precious time and hassle. Most importantly, though, this advanced technology makes it possible for hundreds of potential buyers to see your house within the first week, whether they live in Columbus, Ohio or across the country. Ready, set, action!

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