Selling Your Home Doesn't Have to Be Stressful

Dealing with the Stress of Selling a House

stress of selling

Everyone is familiar with stress, and at Pure Equity Group, we know that selling a home can significantly add to it. The bad news is that it is not completely avoidable, but the good news is that there are ways to lower its levels and lessen its impact. Here are our top tips to ease seller’s stress.

Find an agent. Selling a house is a huge and exciting undertaking, but one that most people do only once or twice in their lives. It’s important to find the right person to work with. The next adventure is just around the corner, and like anything worthwhile it needs some preparation. It helps to have a knowledgeable and trustworthy guide at your side. Take the time to talk with a few different realtors and make sure you feel comfortable with them and their experience.

Communicate your goals. Clear communication is one of the best ways to stay calm. Make sure from the beginning that your agent and your life partner, for that matter, know and agree on the goals for this process. How much are you willing to compromise on price? How soon do you need to sell? How much work are you willing to put into the house to get it ready to sell? Each answer requires an investment of time or money, now or later. It’s best to make sure everyone on your team is in agreement and knows the plan. Write these points down as you go and keep the list handy for reference. Plans can be adjusted, but know you’re starting from a common point.

Do your homework. A major cause of stress is uncertainty, and the best remedy for that is to gather knowledge. Spend time researching the local market, including state, city, and your neighborhood. Read over the kinds of documents you will need to sign, and learn what experts you will need on your team. Talk to friends and family members who have sold homes before and see what they have to say. Most importantly, talk to your real estate agent. Pure Equity Group stays on top of local, regional and national trends in the housing market and is ready to share that knowledge with you.

Make some repairs. Take time to view your home from the perspective of a potential buyer. Look for things that might put them off such as old carpet, chipped paint, wood paneling from the seventies or messy flowerbeds. Fixing and upgrading things before putting the house on the market can mean less time on the market and getting the price you want.

Find an outlet. Set aside time every day to go for a walk, a run or a bike ride. It may seem counterintuitive to add something new to your daily routine, but the endorphins exercise provides are well worth it. It also helps refocus the mind, which may be just the break you need while waiting to hear the purchaser’s response to a counter-offer. Meditation, even five minutes a day, effectively calms the mind and gives just enough of a break that you come back to the table refreshed and rejuvenated.

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Taylor Kolon’s years of experience helping people sell or find the right home taught him that his work is about more just land and buildings. It’s about hopes, dreams, and a secure future. It’s about helping individuals and families turn a challenging situation into an opportunity, and to that end Taylor listens carefully to his clients as he guides them to their goal.

A jump from corporate sales in the Ohio metals industry to real estate was only natural for this outgoing guy. As a result, Taylor brings a sharp eye for detail and well-honed negotiation skills to work for every client every time. Taylor earned his degree from Central Michigan University where he also played on the men’s volleyball team. The fast pace and the teamwork as well as the physical and mental challenge he found on the court are some of what he loves best about his work. He also understands the value of continued training and education to keep his game in top shape. Every time he hands over the keys to an ecstatic new homeowner feels like a win.

Taylor believes in the importance of community and making sure he’s giving back what he can to Columbus through various volunteer activities and membership in the Clintonville Chamber of Commerce. However, there is no denying, that his favorite way to spend his free time is with his wife, Mandy, and their daughter, Elena.

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